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  • Formulated with rubber coating  to seal leaks and cracks.
  • Can spray on various surfaces.
  • The dried film is elastic, tough, and water-proof.
  • Fast Drying in 30 minutes.
  • Bosny "Black Tint" Spray is a transparent black color. Ideal for use with glass, windows, auto lamps, and etc.
  • Snow white paste wax for floors, tile and furniture.
  • Apply bosny wax sparingly to the clean dry surface
  • When quite dry polish briskly with a cloth or duster
  • Use a clean duster to revive the finish between applications of wax
  • Plastic and Rubber Processing
  • Moldings & Injections
  • Die-Castings
  • Foundry Release
  • Metal Lubricants
  • Non Staining
  • Safe for rubber, plastic, wood and metals
  • Can be used on conveyors.
  • Does not contain any solvents
  • No Unpleasant odour
  • Water repellent
  • Rubberized Coating for permanent auto underbody protection at all times of year.
  • Prevent corrosion, stone-chip damage and road noise.
  • “Bosny” Elastic Dip Spray Paint is a specially formulated paint.
  • Once dried, the film will be elastic and peelable like rubber.
  • The dried film gives good grip and soft feel.
  • It will not crack or becomes brittle.
  • Can be used on various objects such as car, motorcycles, auto wheel, appliances, and etc. Fast Drying. Solvent based.
  • Color: Light Grey
  • Non- reflective camouflaged finishes. Excellent resistant to chipping, cracking and peeling.
  • Highly durable and can adhere to most surfaces such as wood, metal, most plastics, trees, glass, and etc.
  • Fast dry. Ideal for use on trucks, military equipment, tanks, boats, and any objects that require camouflaged finishes.
  • Can be combined in a variety of patterns to blend with any terrain.
  • Not recommended for auto refinishes or any objects that requires long lasting durability.
  • Due to the delicate nature of this chrome paint, the painted film should not be further polished, rubbed, or touched.
  • Do not further top coat with lacquer or any clear coat.
  • Water-based roof coating.
  • 500% rubber-like elongation.
  • Suitable to fix leakage for roof, deck and balcony.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • White colour.
  • Clear (fine granules)
  • Unique textured coating.
  • Contains special granules with special anti-slip properties.
  • Suitable for metal, wood, ceramic, most plastics, and etc.
  • Formulated from high-performance resin.
  • Heat resistant up to 205 degrees celcius
  • It will not flake or peel off when exposed to High Temperature.
  • For use on Stacks, Mufflers, Boilers, Heater, Jet Engines, Heat Exchanges, and other high Temperature Equipment.
  • High quality chrome spray paint formulated with high technology to achieve super brilliancy that looks like chrome.
  • Fast drying and easy to use.
  • Gives brilliant chrome-like finishes.
  • It is not real chrome, just looks like it.
  • Excellent for use on car,picture frames, and around home.