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  • Contains no harmful solvents that can strip out oils, moisture, or dye.
  • Enriched conditioners penetrate deep to replenish natural oils and moisture.
  • UV inhibitors resist heat and sunlight to prevent drying, fading, and cracking.
  • This technology of light reflection is similar to those used in road makings, traffic and highway safety signs, airport runways, and automobile license plates.
  • Just spray on any object and it will become brilliant, highly visible when exposed to flashlight or auto headlight, especially at night time.
  • Can be applied on most surfaces such as bicycles, motorcycles, helmets, safety equipments and signs, railings, and other rough or round objects which are not suitable for reflective films.
  • Contains 400 CC.
  • Gel-like spray.
  • Super strengh, can be use to remove old paint.
  • Strip the paint fast.
  • Easy to use, just spray and scrap out the paint.
  • Size 1/2 Inches or 15mm.
  • Threaded Male connector on one side and Threaded Female connector on other side.
  • Size 1/2 inch.
  • Three ways threaded connector (Female/Male/Male).
  • Made from high quality PVC.
  • Suitable to be used for toilet water bidet.
  • Specially formulated to add bright glowing colors to advertising signs, displays,sports equipment, etc
  • Can adhere to paper,metal, wood, glass and most plastic
  • Extra brilliance and fluorescence is achieved when applied over a base coat of white paint.
  • Tarminator easily breaks down the complex molecules found in tar, sap, and asphalt.
  • Tarminator quickly dissolves and loosens tar from auto paint.
  • Contained 10 oz or 280 grams.
  • 1/2" size.
  • made of brass and chromium plating of best quality.
  • The ball for controlling the flow of water is made of high quality brass.
  • The handle is made of aluminium that will not rust.
  • Every piece is passing quality control system before delivery.
  • White lithium complex grease EP (Extreme Pressure) for use as multi-purpose lubricant for cable, open gear, chains, bearing and other part of engine.
  • It provides long lasting protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion.
  • Resist high temperature up to 250C.
  • Resistant to water and extreme pressure.
  • Rust and corrosion Protection.
  • Non dripping
  • 8-Inches length.
  • Professional quality with hardness 50-53 HRC.
  • Sharp, Smooth Cut, Comfortable & Ergonomic Design.
  • Durable & Long Lasting Construction.
  • Easy to Clean & Sharpen.
  • Termite and insect resistant.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Immune to water damage.
  • Low shinkage and no warping.
  • No rotting.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Easy installation.
  • Sustainable.
  • Lubricates and slow stripping on chain.
  • Extend the useful of chain and gears.
  • Keeping chain work performance in high load.
  • Protects chain from rust.