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  • BOSNY is a leader in spray paint and DIY's Chemicals.
  • Premium quality and highly durable for wood, metals, most plastic, Automotive and motorcyle equipment, etc.
  • There is 12 cans of spray paint per order.
  • 200 ml.
  • High quality spray paint specially formulated to achieve super brilliancy that looks like real gold.
  • Fast drying and easy to use.
  • Gives brilliant gold-like finishes. It is not real gold, just looks like it.
  • Excellent for use on car, picture frames, and around home.
  • Water-based roof coating.
  • 500% rubber-like elongation.
  • Suitable to fix leakage for roof, deck and balcony.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • White colour.
  • BOSNY STAINLESS STEEL SPRAY PAINT is specially formulated with 100% pure 316L Stainless Steel Powder.
  • Touch and feel the satin sheen finish of real stainless steel.
  • Gives maximum, chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent protection against weather and water.
  • High quality chrome spray paint formulated with high technology to achieve super brilliancy that looks like chrome.
  • Fast drying and easy to use.
  • Gives brilliant chrome-like finishes.
  • It is not real chrome, just looks like it.
  • Excellent for use on car,picture frames, and around home.
  • 100% Waterproofing.
  • Transparent high gloss film.
  • Quick dry.
  • Paintable with latex or oil based paint.
  • Suitable for brick, stone and wood.
  • Gives wood surfaces a clear durable finish
  • Seals and protects wood from abrasion and moisture.
  • Transparent , high - built film appearance.
  • Allows the natural wood grain to show through
  • Suitable for wood furnitures, door, wicker, blinds, cabinets, banisters and other metals such as hinge and doorknobs.


  • Non- reflective camouflaged finishes. Excellent resistant to chipping, cracking and peeling.
  • Highly durable and can adhere to most surfaces such as wood, metal, most plastics, trees, glass, and etc.
  • Fast dry. Ideal for use on trucks, military equipment, tanks, boats, and any objects that require camouflaged finishes.
  • Can be combined in a variety of patterns to blend with any terrain.
  • Formulated with state-of- the- art light reflective materials to give painted object glittering looks just like real diamonds, while still showing the base color of the object underneath
  • Suitable for cars, helmets, bicycles, toys, handicrafts, stage decorations, signs, and etc.
  • Spraying on dark colored objects such as black or blue will give best 3 - dimensional effects.
  • Color : Uncolored
  • Texture: Cassia
  • Profile: Square Cut
  • Termite and insect resistant.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Immune to water damage.
  • Low shinkage and no warping.
  • No rotting.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Easy installation.
  • Sustainable.
  • Best quality and waterproof tarpaulin.
  • 160 gsm tarpaulin.
  • Aluminium eyelet on edges.
  • 3 Layers (Top colour: Dark Blue , Bottom colour: Orange.)
  • Tear proof and UV Protected.
  • READY STOCK - normally shipped within 24hours after purchase.
  • SAFE - The product will packed into well-secure corrugated box before shipping.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - free to return if found faulty.
  • 100% FREE SUPPORT - Got problems? Just contact us, we will answer.